What you REALLY need in order to line dance

With the addition of our new wood floor this week, I thought it’d be a good reminder of what we REALLY need to line dance… read this blog from last year inspired by my amazing dancers!


I was looking around last night and without knowing it, my dancers taught me a great lesson. That is that there’s a big difference between what people THINK they need to line dance and what they really do need. Here’s what I learned…

What most people THINK they need:

  • Boots or good dance shoes
  • A good dance floor
  • Rythym
  • Coordination
  • A good memory

Last night my dancers reminded me that, in reality, what we need is:

  • A good sense of humor (and the ability to laugh at ourselves)
  • Good friends
  • Good music
  • A willingness to help and be helped
  • A great attitude

That’s it! The rest can be taught. Just don’t take yourself too seriously and have a smile on your face even when you screw up (and believe me, we ALL screw up – you guys know I do!!) and you’ll do great! Thanks to all my dancers for reminding…

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