Step of the Week: Sailor Step


Step count:
2 ½ counts (1&2)

Step/cross foot A behind foot B (weigh on foot A), step foot B to side B side (weight on foot B), step foot A to forward to A side
Example: cross right behind left, step left to left side, step right forward/right to original spot

Dances featuring this move:
Metamorphasized; Giddy On Up, Mmm Bop

Tips for this move:
You are intended to look like a “drunken sailor” as you do this move. On the first move, your weight will be on the ball of Foot A. Don’t turn yourself into a human pretzel trying to put weight on the full foot. 😉 Triple step is often used as a beginner’s substitute for this move.

Right Sailor Step-large

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