Step of the Week: Monterey Turn


Step count:
4 counts (1-2-3-4)

With weight on left, tap right to right side (1), turn ½ turn right, stepping down on the right foot (2), tap left toe to left side (3), step left foot down next to right (4)

Dances featuring this move:
Trouble TonightDown & Dirty 98, Jose Cuervo, Keep Me In Mind (1/4 Turn Monterey)

Tips for this move:
Push off slightly with your right foot to turn to the right (turning toward your back). For practice, try just tapping side to side (tap right, together, tap left, together) to get used to placing your weight on the right foot, then add the ½ turn on the second count once you feel comfortable.

Monterey Turn

Here’s a video to see the step in action:

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