Step of the Week: Shuffle


Step count:
2 counts (1&2)

Step slightly forward with foot A, slide foot B so toe is lined with the instep of foot A, step slightly forward with foot A. (Reverse: Step back with foot A, slide heel of foot B in line with instep of foot A, step slightly back with foot A).

Dances featuring this move:
16 Step, Cotton Eyed Joe, Double M, Shake, Mambo Shuffle, 5678, Toes In the Water (features shuffles & chasses)

Tips for this move:
Take TINY steps! This is a shuffle, not a sprint, so you’re taking tiny steps (think of an old man shuffling down a hall).

Chasse and shuffle are often used synonymously, but the primary difference is a shuffle moves forward/backward and a chasse moves right/left. Shuffles specifically are one of the most common dance steps, so you’ll see it in most dances. The ones listed above are just a small sample.

Right Shuffle

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