Step of the Week: Chasse


Step count:
2& counts (1&2)

Step foot A to side A (1), step foot B next to foot A (&), step foot A to side A (2)
Example: Step right to right side, step left foot next to right (“step together”), step right to right side.

Dances featuring this move:
Askin’ Questions, Toes In the Water, West Coast Lover, I Love a Rainy Night, Swamp Thang, DHSS, Cowboy Casanova, Kick & Rock (aka: The Can-Can)

Tips for this move:
Chasse and shuffle are often used synonymously, but the basic difference is a shuffle moves forward/backward and a chasse moves right/left. Unlike with shuffles, you can make larger steps in a chasse, but keep in mind that because there is still a half-step in this move, you will need to be light on your feet – you are squeezing 3 steps into 2 beats – so stay on your toes (it’s ok to flat foot the last step though).

Right Chasse

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