Step of the Week: Heel Switches


Step count:
4 steps / 2 counts (1&2&)

Tap heel of foot A forward (1), step foot A next to foot B (&), tap heel of foot B forward (2), step foot B by foot A (&)
Example: Tap right heel forward (1), step right foot next to left foot (&), tap left heel forward (2), left foot by right foot (&)

Dances featuring this move:
West Coast Lover, Cowboy Casanova, Guitar Hero, Sittin’ Pretty, Party Like You, Askin’ Questions

Tips for this move:
What makes heel jacks unique is that for each tap of the heel, there is a corresponding step together on the upbeat. Since this move involves syncopated steps (half steps), you need to (1) move a little faster than a typical 1-2 step and (2) do not leave out that second & step (stepping together). Heel jacks are most often followed by a step turn and almost always started with the right foot, but that is subject to choreographer’s discretion.

Right Heel Jacks

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