Step of the Week: Turning Jazz Box (or Turning Box Step)


Step count:
4 steps/ 4 counts (1-2-3-4)

Cross/step foot A over foot B (weight moves from B to A), step backward on foot B, turn ¼ turn to direction A and step foot A forward, step forward on foot B*
Example: cross right over left, step backward on left, turn ¼ turn right stepping forward on right, step forward on left

Dances featuring this move:
Beers Ago, Ghost Train, BCBC, Country Walkin’, Sittin’ Pretty, Giddy On Up

Tips for this move:
Picture a box on the floor where your left foot (this is for a right box step) is in the top left corner, then alternating R-L-R, move counter clockwise around the box stepping on each corner. Only difference is that on step 3, you are turning ¼ turn right (for a right box).

*The 4th step has some variations: Some people do the 4th step as a step together or to the 4th position of a regular box step (original top corner), but we choose the step forward method to keep consistent with the 4th step of a standard jazz box.

Right Turning Jazz Box

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