Step of the Week: Cross Chasse


Step count:
3 steps/ 2 counts (1&2)

Cross/step foot A over foot B (1), slide foot B next to foot A while legs are still crossed (2), step foot A further in the direction of B (legs remain crossed at end with weight on A) (3)
Example: cross left over right, slide right next to left (outsides of both feet should be almost touching), keeping legs crossed, step left to right side.

Dances featuring this move:
Guitar Hero, Moves Like Jagger, Chill Factor

Tips for this move:
This is an “inside-out” chasse, where rather than stepping away from your body for the first step and following behind, you’re starting with a cross over, so you tend to look a little like a pretzel when you do this. As you get comfortable, expand your steps wider to make the step look more graceful and less like you need to go to the bathroom! Ha!

Note that “chasse” and “shuffle” are often used interchangeably in step sheets.  Technically, a chasse moves right or left, while a shuffle moves forward or backward, but the idea is the same.

Left Cross Chasse

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