About LD4Y

YFT 2012 (43)Hello! I’m Danielle Schill, line dance instructor in Northern Virginia! Each week, I have the pleasure of teaching line dance lessons to a great group of dancers!  Currently I teach free classes at Fast Eddie’s in Centreville, VA every Tuesday night from 7:30 – 9:00 (review at 10).

I started teaching line dancing in the Spring of 2005 at Ned Devine’s in Sterling, VA (now closed).  I started coming on my own and became a regular, making some lifelong friends along the way.  When an opening came up to co-instruct, I was offered the opportunity and jumped on it.  Months later, my fellow instructor hung up his boots to pursue other opportunities and I continued on.  Luckily, from day one, I have worked alongside our resident DJ, Jill Parsons and she has been an invaluable factor (in my opinion the PRIMARY factor) to our success.

Eventually, we started up line dancing at Ned Devine’s Centreville location and ultimately made that our primary home.  In December 2011, Ned Devine’s closed their Centreville location and we were quickly scooped up by our current venue, Fast Eddie’s Centreville.  I’ve taught at other locations in the area (alongside some great bands and DJs as well), but it always come back to our “home base” at Fast Eddie’s.

We have grown from a group of less than 30 to well over 500 followers in the DC Metro Area.  Obviously, not all come out at once and many now follow from afar, but we love the energy we get from our dancers both on and off the dance floor.

To find out more about us, visit www.LineDance4You.com, friend us on Facebook or contact me at Danielle@LineDance4You.com.

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