About LD4Y

YFT 2012 (43)Hello! I’m Danielle Schill, line dance instructor and proud owner of LineDance4You! Each week, I have the pleasure of bringing the joy of line dancing to a wonderful group of dancers.

I started teaching line dancing in the Spring of 2005 at Ned Devine’s in Sterling, VA (now closed).  I started coming on my own and became a regular, making some lifelong friends along the way.  When an opening came up to co-instruct, I was offered the opportunity and jumped on it.  Months later, my fellow instructor hung up his boots to pursue other opportunities and I continued on.  

Eventually, we started up line dancing at Ned Devine’s Centreville location and ultimately made that our primary home.  In December 2011, Ned Devine’s closed their Centreville location and we were quickly scooped up by our current venue, Fast Eddie’s Centreville.  In 2013, I added to our team during my maternity leave with Bethany Martin.  After my return, we decided to keep growing and added many new instructors and venues to our line up.  Brandi, Kelli and Ashley along with me and Bethany became household names to our fellow dancers which expanded beyond Fairfax County to West Virginia and Prince William County.

Unfortunately, in March of 2020, the whole world stopped and so did line dancing.  Over the 444 days that followed, we all made some changes and upon return on June 1, 2021, we decided to return to our roots. I returned with DJ Freedom to just our Leesburg location for one class a week.

Ashley, a full time federal employee and new mom, and Kelli, a now mom of 3 living near Warrenton, have resumed their focus on their families.  Bethany is active in her pole studio and hiking with her puppy.  DJ Jillbilly continues to entertain at Shaw’s Tavern and private events all around DC.  While we miss the rest of our team, we are thankful for the times we had together and know we will see them again on a dance floor one day!

To find out more about us, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube or contact me at Danielle@LineDance4You.com.

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