LD4Y Philosophy

Hello to all of my dancers and those who have yet to join us! Some of you have noticed that the crowd and the instruction where I teach differs quite a bit from many other locations. Those of you that have been coming for a while likely know this already, but I think it’s helpful to provide some insight for those that are new or just haven’t quite gotten the philosophy behind my instruction, so here goes:

About Teaching Fewer New Dances Than Most Venues…

At places where I teach, I only teach a new dance about once every few months (when we need some “new blood” in the system). This is because I don’t believe in teaching dances just to learn them once. I want you to learn dances that you’re actually going to DO either at our venue(s) or at other dance locations in the area. What’s the fun in learning something that you’ll never do or see again? For that reason, I teach the same hundred or so dances that have rotated around our LD4Y venues since the beginning and add in new or revive old dances when it seems appropriate. We feel that gives new dancers a chance to learn the dances that our regulars already do, teach our regulars dances they never learned, but still give a variety without overloading anyone with never-to-be-seen-again dances. This also adds to the excitement and camaraderie when a brand new dance comes in that puts regulars and “newbies” on a similar platform.

About Helping Others Before, During or After Lessons…

I am always open to suggestions and requests and am happy to help anyone in between or before/after lessons if they need personal assistance with a dance. My #1 goal is to get everyone on the dance floor and having a good time and I believe that feeling of accomplishment when you finally “get it” is the best feeling of all!

About Incorporating Non-Country Music…

Finally, because we are always trying to encourage new people to try line dancing (and shake the bad 1990’s Garth Brooks stigma from peoples’ heads), we often incorporate non-country music into our sets. Although I have heard many times that it defeats the purpose of calling it “Country Night”, we think that most people in the demographic we serve have a wider appreciation for music than just country and enjoy a little variation.

Because, it’s About YOU…

Ultimately, our goal is to keep you coming back and bringing your friends, so please don’t ever hesitate to talk to me or Jill about your thoughts, both positive and negative, because we are here to serve you! Jill and I are very grateful that we’ve been able to do what we do and with such a great group (that keeps growing every year). We thank you for your continued attendance, word-of-mouth advertising and wonderful enthusiasm!

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